Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Let's begin, VIP Domains about to expire.

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Hello all,

My name is Alex and in my blog I want to show you real time experience in getting VIP domains which are about to expire, every day I will publish new VIP domains which are expiring that day. I will include information about this domain/site if it is available, and then will also watch and manage it for you. After 45-75 days maybe you will get this VIP domain at low cost.

Maybe you know, but:

Fact #1 : Almost every VIP domain is already taken and chances of finding a new and good one are near zero..... BUT......

Fact #2 : Every day thousads of domains expire because their owners fail to renew or to pay for the re-registrations fee.

Fact #3 : Not every domain from the thousands and thousands which are expiring are VIP domains, but I will show you how to find the really important and useful ones.

Fact #4 : Most VIP domains will never expire, chance what you will get or or about zero, no, equal zero.

Fact #5 : Even you will find VIP domain which about to expire, you will not get it very easy, I will show you how it work and how to get it.

Only real experience.

So, goals of this blog:
1. Find and get VIP domain for low cost.
2. Show everybody how possible to get it.
3. Help everybody to get own VIP name for low cost.
4. Earn little money on advertisement to buy more VIP domains.

As you see all crystal honest.


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